Vadodara Mahanagarpalika Elections 2015 Voter Turnout Enhancement Campaign
The Mahanagarpalika elections directly impact our day-to-day life. The roads we commute on, the gardens we cherish, the water we drink, the air we breathe, the cleanliness we desire and the security we deserve, this is the election that shall decide.
Ironically, this is also the election with the lowest voter turnout. The last municipal elections saw a voter turnout of 44.4% compared to a 71% voter turnout in the last loksabha general elections.
With a view to address this anomaly we at Cognito, in conjunction with the Vadodara Collector's office, undertook six strategic initiatives to enhance voter turnout.
E-voting Awareness
Engaging film to enhance registration for e-voting, which was making its debut in this elections.
Voter Motivation
Motivation was stoked by educating voters on how this election could impact their daily life.
Polling Date Awareness
A voter motivation film, where-in ‘the polling date’ was the centrepiece of the communication
A unique first-of-its-kind activation event that forged an emotional bond between voters and the city
Contestant Dashboard
An app that provided voters information about all the candidates contesting from his/her area
Polling Date Reminder
High-impact installations to etch the polling date in voters’ minds.
Along with Cognito, various other civil society organisations also undertook initiatives to enhance voter turnout.
The result were impressive.